Seminar with 2020 and 2021 Nobel Laureates in Physics: Our roads to the Nobel Prize

Datum: 2022-12-07

Tid: 13:15 - 16:00

Adress: Alba Nova, Roslagstullsbacken 21, Stockholm

Lokal: The Oscar Klein auditorium

Sista anmälningsdatum: 2022-11-30 09:00

Three of the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Physics for the years 2020 and 2021, professors Reinhard Genzel, Andrea Ghez and Giorgio Parisi will share their experiences of being a young and aspiring physicist. How they oriented themselves in the diverse landscape of physics research, what important decisions they made, and how they today view the future of their own fields of research.

The program will start with three 30 minute presentations and after a break for coffee or tea, there will be a discussion session where you can ask questions to the laureates. 

Everybody is welcome to this event, but it is especially aimed at Ph.D. students, postdocs and young researchers.


Presentations by the Nobel Laureates Reinhard Genzel, Andrea Ghez and Giorgio

Coffee break

Panel discussion with questions from the audience

End of seminar

Registration required for attendance. Limited number of slots.

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