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Rolf Schock Prizes

In his will, Dr. Rolf Schock, who died in 1986, specified that half of his estate should be used to fund four prizes in the fields of logic and philosophy, mathematics, the visual arts and music.

Latest prizes (2017)

Rolf Shock laureates 2017: Ruth Millikan (Logic and Philosophy) photo: Donald Shankweiler, Richard Schoen (Mathematics), Doris Salcedo (Visual Art) photo: David Heald, Wayne Shorter (Musical Arts) photo: Robert Ascroft.

“for her groundbreaking theories about biological functions and the biological foundations of thought and language, where the representational properties of the latter are explained in terms of these functions.”

MATHEMATICS: Richard Schoen
“for groundbreaking work in differential geometry and geometric analysis including the proof of the Yamabe conjecture, the positive mass conjecture, and the differentiable sphere theorem.”

THE VISUAL ARTS:  Doris Salcedo
“for her exceptional ability to achieve material manifestations of loss and longing. Her sensitive and deeply engaging work deals with the long-term consequences of war and lethal violence, and evinces the pain, grief, and empty spaces left behind in souls, homes and entire communities.”

“For nearly six decades Wayne Shorter has been counted among the most significant creators in progressive jazz music. A distinctive voice, free of mechanical patterns and with an unmistakable inviting and humanistic quality, he has broadened our knowledge and deepened our sensibilities with his improvisations and compositions, and the curiosity that drives him towards the yet undiscovered shows no signs of abating. Wayne Shorter’s music making is an act of enlightenment.”

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Nominating and awarding

The prizes in logic and philosophy and in mathematics is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and those in the visual arts and music by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music respectively.


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