National committees

The Academy has established 18 national committees in different disciplines that among others are responsible for contacts with the scientific unions within the ISC (International Science Council).

The national committees’ aims include:

  • promote research and education within their discipline
  • promote cooperation with contiguous disciplines
  • promote their discipline’s influence in society (education, general public and industry)
  • give advice to universities and other parts of the educational system
  • give advice to the Academy

Many symposia and statements of opinion are produced in cooperation with the Academy’s other committees and classes. Committee members include researchers as well as representatives from industry, public administration, education and media.

The Academy administers national committees for:


Association: International Astronomical Union, IAU
Chair: Elvire De Beck,
Secretary: Jouni Kainulainen,


Association: International Union of Biological Sciences, IUBS
Chair: Charlotta Kvarnemo,

Chemistry and Chrystallography

Association: International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, IUPAC, and International Union of Crystallography, IUCr
Chair: Linda Zellner,
Secretary: Agneta Sjögren (adjungerad),


Association: International Geographical Union, IGU
Chair: Susanne Stenbacka,

Geological Sciences

Association: International Union of Geological Sciences, IUGS
Chair: Mikael Calner,
Secretary: Therese Bejgarn,


Association: International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, IUGG and Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, SCOR
Chair: Per Holmlund,

Global Environmental Change

Association: ISC programmes for global environmental change
Chair: Katarina Gårdfeldt,

Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science

Association: Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science, DLMPS/IUHPS
Chair: John Cantwell,
Secretary: Fredrik Stjernberg

History of Technology and Science

Association: International Committee for Cooperation in the History of Technology, ICOHTEC, and Division of History of Science and Technology of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science, DHST/IUHPS)
Chair: Anna Storm,
Secretary: Ingemar Pettersson,


Association: International Mathematical Union, IMU
Chair: Samuel Bengmark,

Molecular Biosciences

Association: International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, IUBMB, and International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics, IUPAB
Chair: Ruth Palmer,

Nutrition and Food Sciences

Association: International Union of Nutritional Sciences, IUNS, and International Union of Food Science and Technology, IUFoST
Chair: Tommy Cederholm,
Secretary: Anna Winkvist,

Pharmacology, Physiology and Neuroscience

Association: International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, IUPHAR, International Union of Physiological Sciences, IUPS, and International Brain Research Organization, IBRO
Chair: Bryndis Birnir,
Secretary: Fredrik Elinder,

Psychological Sciences

Association: International Union of Psychological Sciences, IUPsyS
Chair: Daniel Västfjäll,
Secretary: Fredrik Björklund,

Pure and Applied Physics

Association: International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, IUPAP
Chair: Jonathan Weidow,
Secretary: Joakim Cederkäll,

Radiation Protection Research

Association: not associated with ISC
Chair: Mats Eriksson,
Secretary: Mattias Lantz,

Radio Science

Association: International Union of Radio Science, URSI
Chair: Daniel Sjöberg,
Secretary: Joakim Johansson

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Association: International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, IUTAM
Chair: Matti Ristinmaa,
Secretary: Erik Olsson,

Contact at the Academy’s secretariat

Thérèse Tietjens, Academy Secretary