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  • New Academy statement on homeopathic products

    2015-05-12 News: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has made a critical statement concerning a report from the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) on homeopathic products. The Agency's report is based on an EU Directive on Medicinal Products which gives Member States the possibility to impose national directives on preclinical studies and clinical trials for the approval of homeopathic products as medicinal products.
  • Biomanipulation an effective way of reducing algal blooms

    2015-05-22 News: For the first time, a systematic review has been undertaken of the use of biomanipulation to restore eutrophic lakes. Removing roach, bream and similar fish to increase populations of zooplankton, which in turn feed on phytoplankton, has been shown to be a successful method of improving water quality. 
  • Astronomer Sofia Feltzing new member of the Academy

    2015-05-22 News: At the General Meeting on 20 May, Sofia Feltzing, Professor of Astronomy at Lund University, was elected Swedish members of the Academy's Class for astronomy and space science.
  • Neonicotinoids: European Science Academies call for debate that expands beyond bees

    2015-04-09 News: In the wake of restrictions placed on neonicotinoids by the European Commission, EASAC (the European Academies' Science Advisory Council), with representation from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, has examined the scientific evidence about the impact of these insecticides not only on honey bees but on wider ecosystem services and agriculture in a new report.
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Recommendations for an ageing Europe
Low fertility rates, an ageing population and increased migration within Europe pose significant challenges for policymakers according to a joint statement published by eight European academies of science.

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  • Brown fat: a hot (t)issue

    2015-06-10  Scientific lectures: Barbara Cannon is currently President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and this evening’s lecture is her concluding lecture at the end of her term of office.
  • Aging of societies, bodies and minds:
    Trends, evolution of functions and health

    2015-06-02  Scientific symposia: The lifespan of humans is steadily increasing in most countries, which will have fundamental implications for our society in the future. World-leading scientists discuss this development, in a meeting commemorating the 275 year anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • Ordinary General Meeting June

    2015-06-10  Meetings: Meeting for members of the Academy. Please note that only Academy members may attend.
  • Kleindagarna

    2015-06-12  Teachers' days: Under Kleindagarna umgås och samverkar gymnasielärare och högskolelärare för att utveckla lektioner för gymnasieskolan.
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Genotype to phenotype link and nearneutrality in evolution

Tomoko Ohta, Crafoord Laureate 2015, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan. Watch more from the Crafoord symposium at KVATV.



The Academy has long considered it important to foster the teaching of science and mathematics in Swedish schools. Since the beginning of the 1980s, the Academy has initiated and become involved in many activities seeking to improve school teaching and attract people to learn natural science.





Each year, the Academy awards the Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry and the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, but also many other prizes in recognition of distinguished achievements.

Crafoord Days 2015

The Crafoord Days 2015 were celebrated in Stockholm and Lund from 5 to 7 May. The Prize symposium and Prize lecture are now available as video on demand at KVATV (search for Crafoord).

Crafoord Days at KVATV

The members

New member Sofia Feltzing. Photo: Karin Feltzing.

At the General Meeting on 20 May, Sofia Feltzing, Professor of Astronomy at Lund University, was elected Swedish members of the Academy's Class for astronomy and space science.