Announcement for Lennart ”Aktiestinsen” Israelsson Foundation for Individual and Society – for research that benefits the education system

The foundation annually awards funding for basic research that:

  • generates scientifically-based knowledge of individual development.
  • is based upon individual’s function and development in a lifelong perspective, as an integrated psychological, biological and social being in a changing world.
  • considers how knowledge about individual development from this perspective is decisive in designing an education system that promotes society’s cultural, social, economic and technological progress, just as it respects each individual’s needs and circumstances.

Funding is

  • awarded as a whole and regardless of the recipient’s nationality.
  • preferably granted for research linked to a Swedish scientific institution.
  • granted to basic scientific research in accordance with the above and may include salary costs, scientific equipment, costs for conferences, symposia, invitations to foreign visiting researchers, study trips and publication costs.

Amount available for allocation in September 2024: SEK 1,500 000


The application process has two stages:

Stage 1
Application period: 15 September–15 November 2023
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’ web-based application system is used for the first stage (see below link). Append a project description of no more than two pages, in a digital format. A budget of SEK 1,500,000 must be included, with a brief description of the funding’s intended use.

OH (Overhead/Administration cost) will not be accepted. We only accept direct costs, that is, costs directly related to the project. The application may be written in Swedish or English.

Supplementary material submitted separately, incomplete applications and/or emailed applications will not be considered. Application documents will not be returned.

Applicants will be notified of whether they have been selected for stage two in January 2024.

Stage 2
Three applicants are selected for stage two. They will receive an email inviting them to submit a complete application and budget.

To the application system


The final decision will be taken in June 2024 and funding will be awarded in September 2024.