Wallenberg Clinical Scholars

The Academy of Sciences and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation toghether runs the research program Wallenberg Clinical Scholars. The aim of the programme is to strengthen Swedish clinical research by means of identifying the best clinical researchers, providing them with good conditions to undertake their work, and facilitate the impact of research results. The program is now moving into its extension phase.

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is investing a total of SEK 600 million in the Wallenberg Clinical Scholars program and the program will run for ten years. During the first five years 24 Wallenberg Clinical Scholars have been appointed. Each of them have received a grant of  SEK 15 million over a five-year period, with a possible extension of five years.

From the year 2020 the program is moving into its extension phase. This means that universities with medical faculties can nominate previous Clinical Scholars for continued funding. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is responsible for the scientific evaluation and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation takes the final decisions as previously.

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