Two astronomers and a geochemist new members of the Academy

Three new members have been elected members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. They add knowledge about radioastronomy, the early universe and geochemistry.

Swedish members

Class for astronomy and space science

John Conway. photo: Onsala rymdobservatorium/J.-O. Yxell

John Conway is the Director of the National Facility Onsala Space Observatory.

John Conway, Chalmers





Garrelt Mellema. photo: Stockholm university

Garrelt Mellema is a professor at Stockholm University working at the department of Astronomy and the Oskar Klein Centre.

Garrelt Mellema, Stockholm university




Class for geosciences

Per Persson. Photo: Kennet Ruona/LU

Per Persson is a professor at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC), at Lund University.

Per Persson, Lund University