The Rolf Schock Prizes 2003: From the philosophy of mathematics to the artistry of music

The Rolf Schock Prizes for 2003 amounting to SEK 1.6 million are awarded to the logician Solomon Feferman, USA, to the mathematician Richard P. Stanley, USA, to the artist Susan Rothenberg, USA and to the mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter, Sweden.

The versatile philosopher and artist Rolf Schock (1933–1986) describes in his will a prize to be awarded in such widely differing subjects as logic and philosophy, mathematics, the visual arts and music. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music have awarded these prizes every other year since 1993.

This year’s prizes of SEK 400 000 each are awarded in:


Logic and philosophy to
, Stanford University, USA
“for his works on the arithmetization of metamathematics, transfinite progressions of theories, and predicativity”

Mathematics to
, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
“for his fundamental contributions to combinatorics and its relationship to algebra and geometry, in particular for his important contributions to the theory of convex polytopes and his innovative work on enumerative combinatorics”

The visual arts to
“for an artistry which humbly seeks to understand how the world is put together. In her painting the body meets the world in the form of an emblem, like a sign in the sand, formed hesitantly by a person attempting to represent something for the first time. She opens in us a new kind of perception, joining our intuitive inner selves with external reality”

Musical arts to
, Sweden
“for her achievement as one of the foremost mezzo-sopranos of our time, with her natural musicality, dazzling technique and exceptional ear for languages. All of these qualities have been applied to a repertoire comprising the whole body of classical music, new music and a number of spectacular transcendences of genre boundaries”

Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson, is to award the prizes at a ceremony at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music on 23 October 2003.