The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences presents new research policy platform

In a new research policy platform, the Academy defines its general positions in the field of research policy. The document deals with the intellectual conditions for knowledge development, the institutional conditions for scientific quality, and third stream activities, communication, and the implementation of knowledge.

The position of the Academy research policy rests on the two mainstays that form the Academy’s mission statement: to promote the sciences and strengthen their influence in society. On the one hand, this means that scientific research must be assured of the time, resources and autonomy necessary for achieving reliable and useful results. On the other hand, it must actively seek out channels for both the societal dissemination of its results and for the mutual exchange of scientific results and information with interested, and potentially interested, parties outside academia.

The Academy plays an active role as an independent actor in promoting the balanced development of both these aspects of the scientific task, and works to encourage decision-makers to respect the need for this balance and to ensure it has a solid empirical basis for its research policy measures.

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