Maria Strømme elected to the Academy’s Class for Engineering sciences

At the General Meeting on 13 Mars Maria Strømme, Professor of Nanotechnology at Uppsala University, was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Foreign member

Class for Engineering sciences

 Maria Strømme is Professor of nanotechnology at Uppsala University where she is in charge of a research department with the aim to develop nanomaterials and methods of analysis mainly for biotechnology applications. Strømme was appointed professor in 2004, and thus became the youngest technology chair professor in Sweden at age 34. She has also obtained prominent research positions by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. In 2005 Strømme was the only Scandinavian to be selected “Young International Scientific Leader” by the American Academy of Achievement Summit. One of Strømme’s most acknowledged projects regards so-called algae batteries including nanomaterials with very promising properties for environmentally friendly energy storage. A letter about the findings was published in September 2009, which became one of the most read Nano Letters articles during that year. Another aspect of Strømme’s career involves innovation and industry relations, she also holds several patents. Moreover, Strømme contributes as an outstanding ambassador of science by popularizing technology and science, frequently on TV and radio.