International statement against racism and discrimination

ISC, The International Science Council, has issued a statement on combating systemic racism and other forms of discrimination with emphasis on the scientific community. The organisation points out that a much needed global dialogue has been ignited by the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis. It must be convened in all societies and in all sectors of society, including science.

ISC is a non-governmental organisation that brings together 40 international scientific Unions and Associations and over 140 national and regional scientific organisations including Academies and Research Councils.

ISC seeks to uphold principles of inclusivity and diversity, to defend the free and responsible practice of science, to promote equitable opportunities and to oppose all forms of discrimination. In the recent statement ISC writes: “We call on our members and international partners to join us in undertaking urgent action: to gather existing knowledge on discrimination in science; to convene a global dialogue within and beyond the institutions of science; and to agree on additional concrete steps aimed at correcting systemic discrimination in science.”

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