Five new researchers elected to the Academy

At the General Meeting on 11 April 2012 Gert Brodin and Gunnar Malmberg, Professors at Umeå University, Magnus Johannesson, Professor at Stockholm School of Economics, Bo Rothstein, Professor at University of Gothenburg and Kerstin Sahlin, Professor at Uppsala University, were elected members of the Academy.

Class for physics

Gert Brodin is Professor of Physics at the Department of Physics, Umeå University.

Class for geosciences

Gunnar Malmberg is Professor at the Department of Geography and Economic History, Umeå University.

Class for social sciences

Magnus Johannesson is Professor at Stockholm School of Economics.

Bo Rothstein is Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg.

Kerstin Sahlin is Professor at the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University.