The Gregori Aminoff Prize 2003

The Gregori Aminoff Prize for 2003 is awarded to Prof. Axel Brünger, Stanford University, USA, “for his development of refinement techniques for macromolecules” and Prof. T. Alwyn Jones, Uppsala University, Sweden, “for his pioneering development of methods to interpret electron density maps and to build models of biological macromolecules with the aid of computer graphics”.

The Gregori Aminoff Prize is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and is intended to reward a documented, individual contribution in the field of crystallography, including areas concerned with the dynamics of the formation and dissolution of crystal structures. Some preference should be shown for work evincing elegance in the approach to the problem. The Aminoff Prize was awarded for the first time in 1979. In 2002, the prize amounts to SEK 50 000.

The laureates will receive the prize at a ceremony at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm on September 10, 2003.

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T. Alwyn Jones
Axel Brünger