Announcement for Stiftelsen Torsten Amundsons fond

Scholarships and grants are awarded for studies of homosexuality, its origin and explanation, and for educational work for the lifting of the prejudices and false beliefs regarding the same. Scholarships can primarily be granted for the above purposes in Sweden, Germany, England and the United States.

Scholarships over SEK 100,000 will only be granted in exceptional cases.

Scholarships are not granted for purposes that have been completed by the time the decision is made, which takes about three months after the end of the application period.

Doctoral students must attach a signed approval from their supervisor. Researchers with a PhD must attach a signed approval from the head of department, verifying that the applicant belongs to the department, or will be if the application is granted. The applicant may also attach additional documents, such as letters of recommendations, invitations to another institution or other documents that may strengthen the application. Upload all documents in PDF format.

Available funding 2024: SEK 3,200,000

Application period: 15 April 2024–31 July 2024


A link to the application system is provided below during the application period. When the application period opens, create an account, provide personal and application information, and upload the necessary documents in PDF format.

The announcement is called Stiftelsen Torsten Amundsons fond in the application system.

Supplementary material submitted separately, incomplete applications and/or emailed applications will not be taken in consideration. Application documents will not be returned.

To the application system


All applicants will be notified by email if their application has been approved or rejected approximately three months after the application deadline. The information will also be available on the applicant’s web account.