Many new members elected to the Academy

At the General meeting on 11 February seven prominent researchers in mathematics, astronomy, physics and biology were elected members of the Academy. Their research reaches from geometry and systematic botany to stars and black holes.


Pierre Deligne, new foreign member of the Academy’s class for mathematics.

Class for mathematics
Jean Bourgain
is Professor at School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA. Bourgain has worked in a large number of areas in mathematics: harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, geometry of Banach spaces, convexity, number theory and non-linear partial differential equations. His wide scientific interests and creativity makes him one of today’s greatest problem solvers in mathematics. He has a very extensive publication record and among many other awards he has received the prestigious Fields Medal.

Pierre Deligne is Professor Emeritus at School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA. Some of his most important mathematical results involve the Weil conjectures, mixed Hodge structures, absolute Hodge cycles, representation theory of Chevalley groups, perverse sheaves and complex hyperbolic lattices. In 1988 he and Alexander Grothendieck was awarded the Crafoord prize in mathematics by the Academy.


Class for astronomy and space science
Lennart Lindegren
,  Professor at Lund Observatory, Lund University

Stanislav Barabash, professor of Space Physics and head of Solar System Physics and Space Technology (SSPT) at Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF), Kiruna

Class for physics
Mats Larsson
, professor of Molecular Physics at Department of Physics, Stockholm University

Ulf Danielsson, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University

Class for biosciences
Birgitta Bremer
, Professor Bergianus at the Bergius Foundation, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

More information

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Solar System Physics and Space Technology (SSPT)
Mats Larsson, Stockholm University
Ulf Danielsson, Uppsala University
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