Webinar: The Crafoord Academy Lecture 2020: What a tiny microbe from the sea has taught me about life

Date: 2020-11-10

Time: 13:00 - 14:40

Venue: Digital on Zoom

Welcome to the Crafoord Academy Lecture “What a tiny microbe from the sea has taught me about life”, by Professor Penny Chisholm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The lecture is now available as video.

Phytoplankton give us half the oxygen we breathe, feed life in the sea, and play a central role in regulating Earth’s climate. Like plants on land, they photosynthesize, using solar energy to build their bodies from the carbon dioxide in seawater. There are thousands of different species of these microscopic cells floating in the upper 200 meters of the ocean. The smallest and most abundant among them – Prochlorococcus – has been my passion for over 30 years. Prochlorococcus has many secrets to tell us about life in the sea.

I will share the story of their discovery, and some of the lessons I have learned from them over the years.

Penny Chisholm is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she teaches ecology and does research on the role of microorganisms in shaping marine ecosystems. She was awarded the Crafoord Prize in Biosciences 2019.

The webinar is open for all high schools (gymnasier), and it will be possible to write questions to the lecturer and the panel. Register and get a link to the webinar by sending an email to Peter Brandén, Program Coordinator: peter.branden@kva.se

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Peter Brandén
Program Coordinator