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  • Snail removal according to science

    2014-05-19 News: In an article recently published by Physica Scripta, researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Exeter University show that removing the snails from the garden by a distance of 20 meters or more is just as effective as killing them.
  • Chemist Anders Hagfeldt new member of the Academy

    2014-05-16 News: At the General Meeting on 14 May 2014 Anders Hagfeldt, professor of physical chemistry at Uppsala University was elected new member of the Academy’s class for chemistry.


  • Astrophysicist Axel Brandenburg new member of the Academy

    2014-04-11 News: At the General Meeting on 9 April 2014 Axel Brandenburg, professor of astrophysics at Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Nordita, was elected foreign member of the Academy's class for astronomy and spacescience.


  • Vacancy: Professor Bergianus

    2014-03-27 News: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences is recruiting a Professor in Plant Systematics with focus on Evolution to the Bergius Botanic Garden, Stockholm University


  • Six new members elected to the Academy

    2014-02-03 News: At the General Meeting on 15 January 2014 Jan Nedergaard, Stockholm University, Stefan Jansson, Umeå University, Jennifer Alice Clack, University of Cambridge, Christopher Juhlin, Uppsala University, Daniel Conley, Lund University and Astrid Söderbergh Widding, Stockholm University were elected members of the Academy.
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