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  • Sustainable seas: New report calls for ambitious action and flexible approach to protect marine sustainability

    2016-01-25 News: Oceans and seas play a crucial role in regulating our climate, nurturing biodiversity, and providing income and food to people around the world. At COP21, governments across the globe agreed that we must set a more aggressive limit for global warming. This limit is one essential step toward a more stable relationship between the ocean and climate. But in spite of this positive direction, marine...
  • Scientific focus on future energy systems

    2016-01-21 News: The scientific journal Ambio has dedicated an issue to a project focused on energy at the turn of the century, initiated by EASAC – the European Academies Science Advisory Council – and led by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
  • Gold Medal for Radiation Protection awarded to American researcher Ethel S. Gilbert

    2016-01-15 News: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Gold Medal for Radiation Protection to Ethel S. Gilbert at National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics, MA, USA. She has notably advanced the scientific understanding of the carcinogenic effects of radiation exposures at low doses and contributed to radiation protection.
  • Mathematician Robert Berman elected to the Academy

    2016-01-15 News: At the General Meeting on 13 January, Robert Berman at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg was elected to the Academy's Class for mathematics.
  • The Crafoord Prizes in Mathematics and Astronomy 2016

    2016-01-14 Press release: The Crafoord Prize in Mathematics is awarded to Yakov Eliashberg , USA, and the Crafoord Prize in Astronomy is awarded to Roy Kerr , New Zealand, and Roger Blandford , USA.