The Academy

The Academy consists of approximately 480 Swedish and 175 foreign members, who together represent the country’s foremost expertise in the sciences.

The members are organised in ten subject categories called classes:

  • Class for mathematics
  • Class for astronomy and space science
  • Class for physics
  • Class for chemistry
  • Class for geosciences
  • Class for biosciences
  • Class for medical sciences
  • Class for engineering sciences
  • Class for social sciences
  • Class for humanities and for outstanding services to science

The Academy meets ten to eleven times per year to decide on matters of special importance. The Academy Board is responsible for developing the Academy’s activities and make efficient use of available resources.  The President is the chair of the Academy and leads both Academy meetings and board meetings. The President is assisted by three Vice-Presidents, who also head committees within the Academy. They as well as the President are elected to hold office for fixed terms.

The Academy have five permanent committees engaged in some of the Academy’s primary activities:

The Secretary General, the chief executive officer of the Academy, is in charge of the Academy administration and responsible for executing the decisions taken by the Academy. The Secretariat headed by the Secretary General provides administrative support for the Academy and handles communication, administration, financial management and programme activities.

The secretariat is located at the Academy's premises on Lilla Frescativägen 4A in Stockholm.
The secretariat is located at the Academy’s premises on Lilla Frescativägen 4A in Stockholm.

The Academy also operates through its research institutes and Academy programmes:

The Academy Board

The governing body is the Academy Board, which consists of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and ten members representing the classes. The Board is responsible for planning activities and for efficient use of available resources.

  • Birgitta Henriques Normark, President
  • Hans Ellegren, Secretary General
  • Lars Bergström, 1:st Vice-President
  • Magnus Berggren, 2:nd Vice-President
  • Ulf Ellervik, 3:rd Vice-President
  • Johan Håstad
  • Göran Östlin
  • Claes Fahlander
  • Johan Elf
  • Vivi Vajda
  • Stefan Jansson
  • Anna Wedell
  • Danica Kragic Jensfelt
  • Per Strömberg
  • Arne Jarrick

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