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Press releases 1990–1982


  • The Crafoord Prize 1985 – one of the largest prizes ever – in astronomy to professor Lyman Spitzer, Jr., USA.

    1985-08-01 Press release: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards the Crafoord Prize of ca. 135 000 US dollars to Professor Lyman Spitzer, Jr. , Princeton, USA, for his “fundamental pioneering studies of practically every aspect of the interstellar medium, culminating in theresults obtained using the Copernicus satellite”.
  • The Crafoord Prize 1989 Awarded to magnetospheric physics

    1989-03-08 Press release: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Crafoord Prize 1989 of SEK 1,6 million to Professor James A. Van Allen for his pioneering exploration of space, in particular the discovery of the energetic particles trapped in the geomagnetic field which form the radiation belts – the Van Allen belts – around our planet Earth.
  • Award of the Crafoord Prize for 1983 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, on September 28, 1983.

    1983-09-28 Press release: The Crafoord prize for 1983, amounting to 400 000 SEK, will be awarded jointly to Pofessor Edward N. Lorenz and Professor Henry Stommel, both from the United States. They will receive the prize for their fundamental contributions to the field of geophysical hydrodynamics which in a unique way have contributed to a deeper understanding of the large scale motions of the atmosphere and the sea. Ea...
  • THE CRAFOORD PRIZE 1984 - in ecology

    1984-09-01 Press release: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards 1,2 million Swedish crowns to ecological research. The Prize, which amounts to 850 000 crowns, in one of the largest prizes in ecology ever awarded. Grants totaling 370 000 crowns are awarded to Swedish scientists within the same field (see page 3).
  • The Crafoord Prizewinners 1987 Eugene P. Odum and Howard T. Odum

    1987-09-23 Press release: Ecologists are receiving 355 000 USD froom the Crafoord Fund of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to research on dynamics of nature.
  • The Crafoord Prize 1990 for fundamental contributions to Population Biology and the Conservation of Biological Diversity

    1990-09-26 Press release: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded Paul R. Ehrlich, Professor of Biology, Stanford University, USA and Edward O. Wilson, Professor of Biology, Harvard University, USA the 1990 Crafoord Prize, SEK 1,5 million.

    1986-06-01 Press release: Of 1 340 000 SEK in isotope geology to Claude Allègre, Paris, France and Gerald J. Wasserburg, Pasadena, USA. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the Crafoord Prize 1986 of 1 340 000 SEK to professor Claude J. Allègre, Universitè de Paris, France and professor Gerald J. Wasserburg, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA, for their pioneering work in isotope geology.
  • The Crafoord Prize 1982

    1982-05-26 Press release: The Crafoord Prize will be awarded at a ceremony at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Wednesday, September 29th 1982. Professor V. I. Arnold, Moscow and Louis Nirenberg, New York will share the Prize of 350 000 Swedish crowns for their achievements within the field of mathematics “Non-linear differential equations”. The Prize and the Crafoord gold-medal will be presented by His Majesty t...
  • The Crafoord Prize 1988

    1988-04-13 Press release: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awards 423 000 USD (2,5 million SEK) to research in mathematics from the Anna-Greta and Holger Crafoord Fund. 1,6 million SEK is shared between two mathematics, working within algebraic geometry, and 900 000 SEK is awarded to Swedish research within the same field.