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Geosciences including geography

The information below concerns general application. It is also possible to apply for scholarship in geosciences, including geography, from the separate Foundations and post doc scholarships listed under the header Documents to the right.

Post Doc Scholarships to Japan

Scholarships for research periods in Japan (Postdoctoral Fellowships). Next call will open in the end of 2015.

The Margit Althin Scholarship Fund

Available funds  can be granted for travels of Swedish geographers to countries outside Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Funds can also be granted for the scientific work on or presentation of material from such travels.

Next call will open in October 2015.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2016.

General announcement for Geosciences including geography

Next call will open in October 2015.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2016.

Scholarships up to SEK 100,000 maximum can be allocated to to PhD students. and postdoctoral researchers can be allocated up to SEK 300,000. Applicants who gained their PhDs in the past five years are prioritized among the latter. Scholarships are payable for a maximum of one year.

Scholarships are not granted for conferences or projects already completed when the decision is made, which takes places about three months after the application deadline.


A link to the application site is provided below. In the system, the user can create an account, enter personal particulars and upload the requisite annexes in electronic form. Finally, the user shall print out the first page, sign it, get it attested by the head of the institute concerned and send it to the address specified on the form. The first page shall arrive at the academy no later than seven days after the closing date for applications. 

Supplementary material submitted separately, incomplete applications and/or faxed or emailed applications will not be considered. Application documents will not be returned.


About three months after the application period ends, all applicants can see, through their web accounts, which applicants have been successful.  Only applicants who are awarded Scholarships or grants will be contacted in writing by the Academy.

More information

We have changed to a new application system. Follow the link below to the new system. There you can create a new account. If you have an account in the old system, you still have to create a new one. But please use the same email address as to the old account.

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