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The information below concerns general application. It is also possible to apply for scholarships in Biosciences from the separate Foundations listed below.

Post Doc Scholarships to Japan

The calls for Post doc Short-term (1-12 months) and Post doc Standard (12-24 months) is open until 27 February 2017.

Post doc Standard
Announcement (Standard)
Information Sheet from JSPS (Standard)
Application form (Standard)

Postdoc Short-term:
Announcement (Short-term)
Information Sheet from JSPS (Short-term)
Application form (Short-term)

The “Lennart ‘Aktiestinsen’ Israelsson Foundation for Individual and Society"

– for research that benefits the education system.

Next call opens in September 2017. 

Stiftelsen P E Lindahls stipendiefond

Scholarships are awarded for scientific studies or continuing practical training within or outside Sweden. Six scholarships are divided between the humanities (2), medicine (2) and natural sciences (2).

Next call opens in May 2017.

General announcement for Biosciences

Next call opens in May 2017.

Scholarships worth up to a maximum of SEK 100,000 can be granted to doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. In the latter category, applicants who were awarded a PhD in the past five years are prioritised. Scholarships over SEK 100 000 will not be granted. Scholarships are granted primarily for research trips and conferences, but may also be granted for publication costs and, in some cases, for project costs. Scholarships are payable for a maximum period of one year.

Scholarships are not granted for conferences or projects that have been completed by the time the decision is made, which is about three months after the end of the application period.

Provide the name of the head of the institute/faculty, and support your application by appending documents such as invitations, a letter from your supervisor and/or letters of recommendation. Doctoral students must state their supervisor’s name.

Available funding within Biosciences includes that specifically intended for:

• research on Asteraceae, especially the genus Hieracium (‘hieraciology’).

• travel grants for researchers studying the occurrence of mosses and lichens in Sweden; preferentially in the counties of Västmanland, Värmland and Dalarna.

• zoological, preferably entomological, research in countries outside Europe. The scholarships are intended to support research in regions that are as yet unknown and are not open for applications for trips to or stays at existing zoological stations. Applicants must have Swedish citizenship.
• young students for travel within Sweden for the purpose of studying lower invertebrates, either as fossils or as live specimens.

• travel grant for an ornithologist for studies of the Swedish bird fauna.

• travel grants for phytogeographical surveys in Sweden.

• trips of at least three months to Brazil or another intertropical country for the following botanical purpose: partly, in Brazil or a neighbouring country, or in a country with closely-related vegetation, to study the vegetation and vegetation conditions; partly to collect plants or plant objects, which should then be processed in a scholarly manner; and partly to undertake surveys that promote knowledge of tropical plant life and its forms in all respects, expanding the field of botanical knowledge.


A link to the web-based application system is provided below. When the application period opens, create an account, provide personal and application information, and upload the necessary documents as digital copies. Finally, print out the first page of the application, sign it, get it signed by the head of the institute/faculty and send it to the address specified on the first page. The form must be received by the Academy no later than 7 days after the application deadline.

Supplementary material submitted separately, incomplete applications and/or faxed or emailed applications will not be considered. Application documents will not be returned.


Around three months after the end of the application period, it will be possible for all applicants to see which applications were successful via their web accounts. Only applicants who are awarded funding will be contacted in writing by the Academy.

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