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  • Ocean acidification

    2014-10-28 Scientific symposia The symposium will focus on the knowledge regarding the ocean acidification and its effect on the ecosystem in Swedish waters, but also what information is needed to assess ocean acidification impacts on the community and how this can be minimized.
  • Lärardag i fysik

    2014-10-29 Lärardagar Kungl. Vetenskapsakademien inbjuder lärare, skolledare och andra intresserade till årets lärardag i fysik. Lyssna på och träffa fysiker från forskningsfronten.
  • The role of exposure treatment in functional somatic disorders

    2014-10-30 Scientific symposia In this symposium, leading researchers will present why and how exposure can be conducted in the treatment of functional somatic disorders and possible mechanisms through which it may work. The role of the Internet in the dissemination of exposure based cognitive behaviour therapy is also discussed.




  • Marine Research

    2015-02-17 Scientific symposia We gather world leading and prominent local scientists to present the present state of the art in several marine research fields, in a meeting commemorating the 275 year anniversary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

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